STARWAVES Milestones

1995 STARWAVES, originally named MUSIC & BYTES, is founded in Hannover by Johannes von Weyssenhoff as a music recording and publishing company
1996 First entire digital CD production
1997 Dedication of our own full digital recording and mixing studio
1998 Implementing of our own CD production line
1999 Setup of our own life-streaming webservers
2000 Internet Live-stream operation for “Hitradio Antenne”
2001 Initiation of the terrestrial digital broadcasting business
2002 Start of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) receiver development
2003 Presentation of World’s first stereo DRM receiver at IFA, Berlin Membership of German DRM Forum
2004 Presentation of world’s first combined DRM-DAB-Receiver at CeBIT, Hannover Company changes its name to its registered Trademark STARWAVES
STARWAVES becomes DRM-Supporter
Start of development of DRM transmitter and modulator
STARWAVES wins the “Hannover Impuls” award
2005 Initiation of “digital11.de”, a DRM transmitting project in Hannover, exploring the advantages of frequency hopping within the 11m-Band Presentation of world’s first DRM/DAB HiFi equipment at IFA, Berlin and IBC, Amsterdam
2006 DRM transmitter of DITITAL11 goes on air
Presentation of the “Golden Carpet” by the Mayoress of the City of Bad Muender STARWAVES wins the “Innovation Award 2006" (Innovationspreis der Deutschen Industrie, gestiftet von der Initiative Mittelstand) for its DRM-DAB-Receiver W37
Membership of the USA DRM group
2007 STARWAVES presents the world-first mobile DRM receiver